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Advice from Alexey Oglushevich, multiple winner of international Corel competitions

Dear site visitors and colleagues! I would like to give you a little but good advice. Don't be afraid of difficulties in work, just do it. There are special tools in CorelDRAW for any idea. Everyone has his own way. Look for your own tool, which is best for you. It's surely exist!

Anna Cvetkova [ANHEN], Russia, Vologda

I was drawing since I was a kid. Working in graphic design and outdoor advertising I couldn't miss CorelDRAW. I've started to draw in this program when I saw some amazing works of vector artists and usability of program tools. Portraits and landscapes, everything surrounding and inspiring. My drawing skills converted to vector as you can see by some water-colour effects.

Tatiana Prokofieva

One of the most talanted & experienced artists who's working with Corel. Belarus, Babruysk
The main thing is to start vector-thinking. Not only depict an object but create a method, a technique. Watching tutorials is very useful, take to pieces somebody else's work. Creating your own tutorials is the most useful thing, formulating your own method for yourself. By doing this you will promote yourself on the internet as a specialist

Alexandra Malyshova, author of magic illustrations and winner of Corel contests

Hello folks!It's hard to give a general advice briefly but I'll try Always remember - for making your ideas vector graphic is the same tool as oil-paint or pastel. When you've got your paints & brushes it's only up to you: paint a fence or a picture

Alexandra [Sasha T.] Torbina, Russia, Moscow

My advice is simple: if work from scratch is not getting on, don't be upset! There is no harm in making paper sketch first. Then you can bring it to perfection in CorelDRAW

Advice from Xeniya Ramonova, artist from Saint Petersburg

Love what you do. Process is more important than the result and no matter what others think or say about it. There is always someone with better skills etc. Emotions you get from your work is the most important thing

Advice from Tasha Drik (Tasha)

If you are enjoing long and painstaking work - Vector Graphic is for you! Imagine, how cool is endless improvement of each node and Bezier curves, making every line perfect. Let the force be with you! Try and you will discover a magic world of Vector Graphic!

Advices from indian artist Yogita Butala

Since last 3 years as I started my graphic-design business officially in April 2011.

Tricks & tips