Corel Painter

13 reasons to check out Painter X3

The latest Corel Painter is out now, and there are many reasons why it's the best yet...

Corel may have called their 13th version of Painter 'X3' to avoid superstitious connotations, but they haven't shirked the task of ramping up their latest model.

We're working on our full review of the software, out in issue 100, looking at all its new, useful features and upgrades it has to offer. We can confirm that it's their best yet!

But don't take our word for it. Here are 13 reasons to check out Painter X3 straight from the artists that use it. From Android Jones to Dwayne Vance...

1) Android Jones and Perspective Guides

2) Chris Price talks F-X Distorto

3) Mike Thompson works with Thick Wet Paint

4) Painter X3's New Brush Search Engine

5) Mixed Media Capabilities through Cher Pendarvis's eyes

6) Painter X3's Realistic Pencils and Pens

7) Transform across multiple layers

8) Speed Painting

9) Doug Sirois and X3's digital watercolor and Sargent brush

10) Custom Palettes - Cliff Cramp

11) Universal Jitter Settings

12) Painter X3: a complete art studio

13) Realistic Brushes in Painter X3